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top product
Russian Dolls Sale

Russian Dolls

£16.08 £24.00

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Bisque dolls, cloth body, Japan Sale
Unusual bud vase, handblown glass Sale
Dachshund collectable, brass, miniature Sale
pig cruet set Sale

pig cruet set

£6.70 £10.00

Novelty doll, French policeman Sale
rocking horse decorative ornament Sale
Novelty plane corkscrew / bottle opener by Arco Sale
Vintage shoe pin cushion Sale

Vintage shoe pin cushion

£38.86 £58.00

Vintage French egg cups, blue glass chicks Sale
Vintage vanity case with bottles Sale
Vintage poodle brooch, retro Sale
Retro bamboo corner shelves Sale
Cauldon Ltd. coffee can c. 1850 Sale
Dutch silver spoon, hallmarked Sale
Deco style chalk ware wall plaques x2 Sale
Brown Vintage Bear Sale

Brown Vintage Bear

£63.65 £95.00

Walnut writing desk with leather top Sale
Edwardian satinwood chest of drawers Sale
Upholstered Victorian chair Sale
German bisque doll, 1930's Art Deco  Sale
retro cup and saucer with golly and dolly Sale
Antique miniature hair brush Sale
4 vintage children's chairs Sale

4 vintage children's chairs

£100.50 £150.00

miniature mother of pearl corkscrew Sale
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3 vintage vanity bottles with enamel lids Sale
4 vintage children's chairs Sale

4 vintage children's chairs

£100.50 £150.00

African figure heads Sale

African figure heads

£38.86 £58.00

antique bedside cupboard / storage unit Sale
Antique Belleek conch shell posy holder Sale
Antique cane seated hall chair Sale
antique caned chair with oval back Sale
Antique comical character tea pot Sale
Antique German figurine of child in Winter outfit Sale
Antique Heubach singing bisque doll 1930's Sale
Antique miniature hair brush Sale
Antique pair of tapestry seated chairs Sale
Antique pie crust oval occasional table Sale
Antique pine shelves/ storage/ bookshelves Sale
Antique pine washstand with drawer Sale
Antique ribbed copper jug Sale
Antique wall display cupboard Sale
Art Deco buckle Sale

Art Deco buckle

£16.75 £25.00

Art Deco ceramic book ends Sale
Art Deco figurine of lady in pink Sale
Art deco heart shaped ring Sale
Avon apple scent bottle Sale

Avon apple scent bottle

£9.38 £14.00

Avon ballerina scent bottle Sale
Avon scent bottle child with doll Sale
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